Do Not Regret Growing Older – It is a Privilege Denied to Many

Recently a friend posted this quote on Facebook: “Do Not Regret Growing Older. It is a Privilege Denied to Many.” How true. Immediately I thought about a woman who became a friend and colleague of mine only less than two years ago. I met her because she hired me to perform my play at one of her conferences.

We talked by phone prior to the event. I felt we had a lot in common. She was a woman who was comfortable with herself and was confident in her work.

We met the day of my performance. She was cool, calm and relaxed while I was busy finding props and setting up my stage. We did not have a lot of time to talk but there was something special about her. I had a feeling that I could talk to her about my business and she would be helpful.

About one month after my performance, I was very pleased to hear from her again. This time she wanted me to perform at their large annual conference. I was thrilled. What an endorsement.

The day of the performance, she was predictably very busy answering everyone’s questions and arranging for each speaker. Nothing ruffled her though. I was very impressed with her sense of peace.

I performed my play, we said goodbye and I left for home. However, that was not the end of our connection. If I had a question about my marketing, I knew I could contact her to give me her advice. Last summer I emailed her yet again another question and amidst a very busy time at work, she sent me a detailed email answering all my questions. I was so appreciative that she would take the time to respond at such a busy time for her.

I printed out her response. Actually, I made three copies. I never wanted to forget what she wrote, nor lose her email.

That email response came the very last day of August 2013. In November, I learned that she had died in October. I still have such trouble believing that. We had very little contact but she made a big impression on me. And. she showed me care and concern that I will never forget. She is often in my thoughts. I know she will always be.

“Do not regret growing old. It is a privilege denied many.”